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blechBiofeedback will help balance the energy flow in your body, and reduce the stress that is causing the blockages, toxicity, fatigue, depression, fatigue, pain, etc. This mini session use the information that your body chooses to balance the chakras and aura.
The electromagnetic field generated by the biofeeback interacts directly with our cells to raise their frequency, by balancing the stress in our cells. Once your body is less stressed, less toxic and balanced energetically then it will begin to heal itself.
This mini session will  cleanse and clear the aura, chakras and etheric fields around the body. Full sessions are 90 minutes and may be beneficial for redubing stress of the body, mind and spirit.

$60.00 USD Biofeedback Session & Energy Balance

Past life work session are also available, as the biofeedback will identify the unconscious choice of the most prominent one needing clearing with ease and peace.