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It will be the most interesting cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

_5459_#1EABI have the uncanny ability to perceive optimal outcomes using my 4 Clairvoyant Medium abilities:

– Clairsentience (clear sensing, empathic or emotional layer sensing)
– Clairvoyance (clear seeing, as with the Third Eye)
– Clairaudience (clear hearing)
– Claircognizance (clear knowingness)

As a remote viewer I see what is in your energy field. In our sessions I will describe the images, the people and the situations that I see.  I have the ability to look into your future, providing information that allows you to be discerning about your life, the people and experiences that are in your highest good. Together, we can connect with relatives or friends who may have passed and may offer messages.  I have been told by clients that I am one of the BEST Psychics. It is an honor to be of service to them AND you.  Finding solutions paramount to your life is my goal!

I am a medical intuitive, remotely sensing body systems and detecting imbalances in  structure, nutrition, emotional, and energy meridians, helping them to balance those areas based upon these readings. My practical analytical abilities are second to none, allowing me to separate useful information from the extraneous with ease.
My abilities have been tested by two respected companies for accuracy and outcomes with excellent results. I have clients all over the USA from Coast to  Coast and all over the world; Politicians, business professionals, college administrators, singers, and a few famous people. I maintain confidentiality at all times. Now offering Aura/Chakra & Energy Balancing with Quantum Biofeedback!!   Buy your session today!! 
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Psychic consults are for entertainment purposes. Always consult a physician or other health care professional for their professional medical advice. Session are prepaid and may be rescheduled 1 time. No refunds given after session is scheduled.